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Ninety plus, still running. Anadi Cabin’s Mughlai Paratha of kolkata

2 June, 2019 01:46:59
Ninety plus, still running. Anadi Cabin’s Mughlai Paratha of kolkata

In today’s era of glamorous cafeterias, the cabin nostalgia has still not perished. The cabin restaurants which date back to almost the time of the British Raj, came into existence to promote the concept of urban dining. The Indian society was way more orthodox and ‘respectable’ women were supposed to be away from the public eye even while they were eating out with their families. These cabins served as the perfect place for women to hang out with their families in privacy. 

In the early ‘60s, the cabins of Kolkata served as a meeting place for lovers also. These curtained cabins acted as the perfect refuge for lovers who were reluctant to celebrate their love out in the open. Cabins were the places where couples whispered sweet nothings and held hands for the first time. With the advent of economic liberalization, the cabins have no longer remained the same. These have retained the names but have become more of open-scheme eateries. The popular dishes found here are deep-fried chops, cutlets, Moghlai parathas, stew, toast-butter and tea which are influenced by Portuguese and the British. The mouth-watering fried delicacies are still served on white porcelain plate along with a fork and knife. The kasundi or the local mustard on the side seems to be an added attraction. The taste is the sole factor which will make sure that you keep coming back for more to this breed of age-old eateries. 

Anadi Cabin is a 94-year establishment which still emits the remnants of the old school charm of our very own Mahanagar. Located on S.N. Banerjee Road, the old- timers of the city still swear by Anadi Cabin, that has stood the test of time and still exists in its full glory. The cabin was established by Balaram Jana in 1925 in the memory of his son who succumbed to death because of pneumonia. His son was called Anadi. Today, it is run by the third generation of the family. Many notable personalities associated with the Bengali film industry, have visited this place. Many old Bengali films have also been shot here. If you are fond of Mughlai paratha, Anadi Cabin should be your first destination. The egg stuffed square-shaped paratha, at times with layers of minced meat inside is simply irresistible. 

The aroma of the piping hot Muglai parathas allures all even today. The sight of these mouth -watering parathas with those jacketed potatoes beside, act as a catalyst to your hunger. A scene of delicious chaos seems sublime inside. The savoury parathas are filled with keema, chopped peanuts, carrots, eggs and onions. It is served with stir fried cubed potatoes or spicy aloo r torkari and tomato ketchup which enhances the heavenly taste of the delicacy. Two categories of Mughlai parathas - duck egg and hen egg parathas are available in this eatery. The double-egg mughlai or the special mughlai paratha is a delicacy. You can also try out Anadi’s Chicken or Kabiraji cutlet, fish fry, fish kabiraji, cutlet or mutton kosha. Every dish is reasonably priced. Two Mughlai Parathas will cost around Rs 150 only. So, the next time you visit New Market and you feel a sudden pang of hunger, do not forget to rush to Anadi Cabin. It is truly an unforgettable experience by itself. You might even have to share your tables and experience the joy of eating together with complete strangers. But you will return with the true flavor of Kolkata for sure.

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