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Not Re 1, pay Rs 2 crores Jethmalani

27 July, 2017 04:40:41
Not Re 1, pay Rs 2 crores Jethmalani

Didnt Ram Jethmalani say he will fight the case of Arvind Kejriwal for just Re.1? Well, that seemed to be the high standards of morality, he had set, in order to fight for a cause. But, when it comes to clash of interests and loss of interest, it seems the veteran Supreme Court counsel can make a complete U-turn. And thats exactly what he did.

When Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, spat him for calling Jaitley names, Jethmalani decided he had enough. Not only sending a final bill of 2-crore instead of Re1, Jethmalani even declared he is quitting the case as a counsel for Kejriwal. Now we shall all wait to find out who Kejriwal will hire as the next counsel and if he will fight for just Re1!

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