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On World Tiger Day, take this quiz on Tigers of Sunderbans

30 July, 2019 02:56:26
On World Tiger Day, take this quiz on Tigers of Sunderbans

The mangrove forests of Sunderbans of Bengal have indeed been made more majestic thanks to the Royal Bengal Tigers. This is a very rare habitat for tigers who usually inhabit dry deciduous forests. Bengal’s Royal Tigers are hence a bit different from their cousins elsewhere. Let’s try this fact check:

Bengal’s tigers are mostly dark yellow, with dark brown stripes. These tigers have white stomach on which black lines are found. The total length of a male Bengali Tiger (with tail) can be 250 to 300 cm or more, while the total length of female tiger is less than a male tiger, which is limited to 250 to 270 cm. A male Bengal tiger weighs between about 480 to 490 pounds, on the other hand, a female tiger has limited to 300 to 310 pounds.

These species of tigers are known for the loud roar. Their roar can be heard even on an average of three kilometers. On the basis of genetic patterns, these tigers have been placed in the category of tigers which came to India 12,000 years ago. According to their stature, the wild tiger makes a very good fight for Siberian tigers; some Bengali tigers are bigger than the Siberian tigers.

Highly territorial, a male tiger when decides to settle down, sprays his urine on the tree or leaves, which determines the area of that tiger. Often, male tigers use their urine spray to attract female tigers. When a male Bengali tiger feels the smell of urine of any other male tiger, it is proof that another tiger has also occupied it in this area. After this, tigers battle each other to save their territory.

Whenever a female tiger enters the area of a male tiger, then it is important for a male tiger to know that this female tiger is not already pregnant. In this situation, the male tigers hesitate to adopt them. Occasionally there is a violent clash between two male tigers in the affair of the female tiger. In such a way, even one tiger dies. 

Although tigers hunt only small and large wild animals, they sometimes kill humans in their own defense. Sunderbans’ tigers are often called man-eaters which is true to some extent. It is believed the saline water of the mangroves often impairs their normal health and digestive powers leading them to prey on humans. However, this rise in human-tiger conflict is believed to be more for the increasing number of villages that are encroaching on tiger territory. 

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