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Path-breaking research: Bengali scientist duo in Nature

1 December, 2017 14:00:42
Path-breaking research: Bengali scientist duo in Nature

Meet the father-son duo from Kolkata, who have been featured in the recent issue of prestigious scientific journal NATURE and its latest Nature Materials issue for their path-breaking research that will give more power to laptops and phones. Their invention promises to revolutionise the way the smartphone and laptop works. Father Sreebrata Goswami is an alumnus of Jadavpur University and a senior scientist of inorganic chemistry at The Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS). While, son Sreetosh is a scientist at National University of Singapore (NUS). They have developed a memory device based on Ruthenium, a unique family of metal complexes, which has the capacity to make computers and laptops, tablets and smartphones consume 1,000 times less power, provide a million times more read-write cycles and many times more of storage space, than what is commercially available now.

As of now silicon is used to manufacture memory devices, but the duo deviated from the silicon-based flash memory, that use more power, have far lower read-write cycles and memory space. Instead, in collaboration with Yale University, they used molecules of a new material to increase all around efficiency of the memory device. 

In 2011, Sreebrata started experimenting with metal-organic complexes at IACS. Experiment was done on unique family of metal (Ruthenium complexes). Thanks to this experimentation, our laptops and phones will soon get more power.

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