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Quenching the thirsty soul and dancing in the Rains

3 September, 2020 05:48:24
Quenching the thirsty soul and dancing in the Rains

As clouds spout on her

From the throat of a parched soil, the drops come in abundance to fill in the thirst of a soul. Rains are indeed beautiful and they turn a splendour, behind the lens of photographer Santosh Rajgarhia as he traverses the red laterite soil of Purulia to catch a glimpse of the pouring monsoon. Like a tramp of hoofs as the raindrops clatter on the lush fields and the tin roofs of the villages, man, woman and child --- all in unison enjoy dancing in the rains. For they know rains bring the hope of fertility, of a new crop, of a season of food to quench their hunger. As one follows the unique photographic trail, the Rains seem to fall like a memory, like a new emotion, beyond the trying times of a pandemic. So enjoy dancing in the rains with this Photo-Story.

As rains scripted fertility


Clutching together in safety


For the soil and for us!


How Green was my Rain Valley

Netting fishes for fun


On a Homebound Journey


She shivered for Shelter


Showering the Earths soul

Walking past the overflowing stream


With a pachyderm trail


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