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Rupa beats all odds; first food delivery & Ola bike driver of Kolkata

4 May, 2019 20:51:49
Rupa beats all odds; first food delivery & Ola bike driver of Kolkata

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars...” that’s what Edwin Hubbell Chapin had once said. And the same words have been proved in real life by Rupa Chowdhury, the first food delivery girl of Kolkata. Her journey has been paved by utmost suffering with the usual patriarchal dominance taking over her early in life. 

Yet, she successfully broke the barriers of patriarchy and been able to come out. Rupa is all set to embark as the first food delivery girl of Kolkata. Her story might inspire many women who are struggling with their plight and are looking for a ray of hope which would bring back the desire to live their lives in hope. Rupa had lost her parents and sister early. Her loss did not stop there. She is now going through a failed marriage and her divorce is still pending. Her only son lives with her husband in Barasat. Lonely and devastated, she had no shoulder to fall back on. But something inside Rupa chose not to succumb to the situation and triggered her to look for an alternative way of being happy. She finally made her choice of being independent and enrolled in the delivery business of Swiggy, becoming the first food delivery girl of Kolkata. 

Rupa’s ambition is not restricted to food delivery business only. Her excellent biking skills have encouraged her to become the first lady to join Ola as a bike taxi driver of Kolkata in February.  Rupa has also joined Rapido- another bike taxi app as a driver. Life, of course, came with its challenges but could not pin Rupa down. She picked up all the scattered pieces, joined them and kept marching like a lone soldier refusing to be defeated. Rupa’s success has certainly brought in pride for the city and the womenfolk. 

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