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Siliguri rickshaw puller popularizes Paytm

24 November, 2017 12:52:54
Siliguri rickshaw puller popularizes Paytm

He is soon going to make provision for drinking water. But not just water, he also wants to arrange for a dustbin, a first-aid box and a fire extinguisher in his conventional rickshaw.But since his vehicle is inadequate to accommodate all these, he is going to get a bigger and more spacious rickshaw soon built. He is 33-year-old Sushil, a wonder rickshawpuller, who accepts fares from his passengers via Paytm app!

This enterprising man lives on Pipe Line close to NJP station in Siliguri. He was forced to leave school after Class VIII due to abject poverty and join the workforce to eke out a living. However, Sushil’s indomitable spirit is forever willing to extend a helping hand to the needy and do something for the society. He is a patriot who professes his love for his country. Last year, when the entire country was reeling under acute cash crunch following demonetization, Sushil tinkered with the idea of installing Paytm in his vehicle. He offers a discount of 80 per cent to his passengers who pay through Paytm. This is how he pitches in to popularize the government’s digitization drive and encourages e-commerce.

Whenever Sushil is not plying his rickshaw, he can be found cleaning the premises of a private tourism office at NJP station. The rickshaw that he rides doesn’t belong to him. He has to pay the owner Rs 20 every day as rent.  He also earns less than other rickshaw pullers because of the huge discount he offers to those who pay via Paytm, but he is undeterred. He believes in his small way he is contributing to thecountry’s development. His love and commitment towards his country compels him to conceive ideas to help fellow citizens. It is his empathy for fellow human beings that drives him to arrange drinking water for passengers and install a dustbin and first-aid kit in his rickshaw. He earnestly believes, that if each individual fulfills his duties and commitments honestly, it will reflect on society and in the long run, India is bound to change for the better. He is an optimist who dreams big and lives with the hope of  witnessing change in the society some day.

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