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Soumyadeep Jana did not succumb to terrorist bullets

17 February, 2019 00:51:48
Soumyadeep Jana did not succumb to terrorist bullets

In the long journey called life, we often lose the desire to live. Then certain incidents, stories of certain people restore our faith, encourage us to hold on and teach us to not give up without a fight. Amidst all the destruction all over the world and within our soul, here is the inspiring story of Soumyadeep Jana which will teach you to endure all the adversities and not accept defeat, at any cost.

With a bullet stuck in his head and lungs, the boy of fourteen years has been putting up a strong battle with life. He was in coma for three long months. He has undergone brain surgery about four times. His left side was paralyzed. The eyesight had become faint. The sound of grenade explosion had left his right ear affected.Despite all these cumbersome challenges, Soumyadeep of East Midnapore did not give up his fight. Sitting in a wheelchair, the braveheart still says, “I am doing much better now. Will soon be getting back to badminton and football.”

Carrying the army blood, Soumyadeep was destined to fight. His father belongs to the army. Last February, he was subjected to this severe injury in the process of saving his mother and sister from the hands of terrorists of Sena Ghat in Jammu. Recently, he has received an award for bravery. Jaishe-e-Mohammad fidayeen terrorists, had attacked an Indian army camp near Jammu, on February 10, 2018. This attack which was known as the worst after the Uri attack coincided with the death anniversary of Afzal Guru. The terrorists were carrying arms. After the clash with the guards of the camp, they barged into the territory where the families of the soldiers lived. The relentless bullet showers of the ambush took away the lives of an army officer and subedar.

Haripada Jana recalls the haunting memories of the harrowing day. The sound of grenades had woken up everyone. Haripada, being an army official went out of the house for the sake of his duty. The terrorists approached towards their house. Sensing a forthcoming danger, Soumyadeep locked his mother Madhumita and his nine-year-old sister Sneha, placed some of the furniture and iron trunks in front of the door and sat on them. But nothing could keep the danger at bay.

The terrorists broke into the house but could not break open the door. They threw a grenade outside it. The splinters invaded the body of Soumyadeep. Standing outside the closed door, the terrorists started shooting from AK 56 rifle rampantly. Soumyadeep was severely injured. Hearing the sound of shooting, the army advanced towards the house. It was too late. The damage was done already.

Soumyodeep was then an eighth grade of Army Public School. Today, he is undergoing a treatment at Research Referral Hospital in Delhi. Soumyadeep loved playing badminton and football. Today, he cannot read, write or walk. He has no memories of the times before he entered into coma.Nonetheless, even today, the spirit of Soumyadeep stands indomitable. He is still striving to come back to normal life.

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