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SPOOKY! Ghostbuster team of Kolkata’s Paranormal Society face aggressive spirits at Siuri

27 October, 2019 05:38:44
SPOOKY! Ghostbuster team of Kolkata’s Paranormal Society face aggressive spirits at Siuri

They are a group of researchers who have been working on locating spirits in different haunted areas of India. A bunch of investigators of Bengal who use scientific techniques to locate presence of wavelengths of spirits in the vicinity. This Paranormal Society also reasons with scientific data wherever superstitions exist. This time they took well-known French film director Emmanuel Grimid to a famous crematorium in Siuri of Birbhum. The crematorium is known locally to be a spooked place and no villager ventures into the area after sundown.

The crematorium is located 5 km away from the nearest village and once the team with the film director reached the one room shed inside the crematorium, suddenly their K2 meter started blinking very aggressively. This meter helps in locating any kind of electro-magnetic field in the vicinity that is usually produced due to presence of spirits. But this time it proved to be almost fatal as two of their members with the machines were almost pounded upon by the ghosts. Even terrible noises in the area threatened them and though they could click with their high resolution cameras moving shadows, they had to leave the place immediately as they realised presence of aggressive spirits.    

Soumen Roy of the Paranormal Society which is known as SPIRIT or Systemic Paranormal Investigation Research and Intelligence Team said they were now experimenting on the photographs they could click before the team had to leave for their lives. The high-resolution photographs will prove what kind of spirits were present. Usually they are of 6 categories, including a type called Demon that are most aggressive and can even attack humans or scratch on their skin painfully. Now it is for the team to find which ghost or spirit forced them out of the crematorium.  

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