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State government introduces ‘Sukanya’ to teach students self defense

25 June, 2019 06:05:08
State government introduces ‘Sukanya’ to teach students self defense

In the kind of the world we live in today, the cases of gender violence are on the rise and consequently, self-defense for women is of utmost importance. While men are touted as stronger sex, women unfortunately, are still considered vulnerable beings and easy targets. Even in Bengal, cases of violence against women, be it rape, molestation, kidnapping, murder, acid attacks are on the rise. The State Government is addressing this issue for the sake of safety of our women by introducing the ‘Sukanya’ Programme. The State police force will be teaching self-defense to all female school students of our state.

In the first phase, selected students of three hundred schools will be offered the valuable training. The local police officers and designated officers will be visiting these schools and explaining the importance of self-defense. This training will be offered to other schools in days to come. According to sources, the districts and commissioners have been instructed to start the process of training at the earliest. Around 40 girls from each school will be selected. The training will be offered in two batches. Each batch will consist of 20 girls. Schools have been selected as training zones as school students are subjected to these crimes mostly. 

In most of the cases, the young girls do not know how to put up a strong resistance and are often scared to protest fearing the repercussions. The criminals often take undue advantage thus. The training will be offered so that young girls can summon up enough courage to protest and fight against all odds. College students might also be given this training in future. The students will be taught karate and various other martial arts. Even against miscreants carrying firearms, the training will help women to deal with the situation fearlessly ad independently. Sukyanya Programme will certainly help to empower women in the days to come.

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