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State government starts ‘Jit’ Project to identify tuberculosis

12 April, 2019 03:08:43
State government starts ‘Jit’ Project to identify tuberculosis

Many of us still fear the disease Tuberculosis, that had been deadly even in Europe once upon a time, killing hundreds from different strata of the society. But with new antibiotics in place, this disease had taken a back seat. Yet it existed as a silent threat and the stigma against tuberculosis patients never died down. As a result, some patients stop treatment midway. The government finds it difficult to identify patients suffering from tuberculosis and hence has launched a registration process for patients even in private hospitals through the ‘Jit’ project.  

According to data, around 70 percent of people in Kolkata have been admitted to private hospitals with the primary symptoms of tuberculosis. Despite the notified disease, only 17% of the targets in private organizations are registered in the public sector. Under such circumstances, 36 projects in Kolkata and 20 hubs in Howrah have been created through the ‘Jit’ project. There are medical arrangements for people who have been identified as tuberculosis patients. If required, patients are undergoing ‘dots’ treatment at the centers. Medication arrangements are also available. 

The State Department of Health is working hand in hand with private hospitals around the ‘Jit’ project. Due to the registration process, the tendency of patients stopping their treatment midway has also decreased to an extent. Many tuberculosis patients have been identified in certain sophisticated areas of Kolkata and Howrah also who were the silent germ bearers and the process of treatment has also started. 

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