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Take care of pet birds this scorching summer

14 June, 2019 00:11:49
Take care of pet birds this scorching summer

Birds are extremely vulnerable to heat. More than animals and often die from heat strokes. With the day and even evening temperatures going out of control, the feathered pets are worst affected. Those who have exotic birds like the South American macaws and parrots have a trying time as these birds are very prone to heat and start panting or even go quiet. So here are some home tips to keep your feathered friends alive and kicking.

Give plenty of water
If you have watched a crow on a hot summer noon, you have probably seen it with open beaks searching for water. Birds need constant hydration and hence water becomes an absolute necessity for them in summer months. Not just for drinking, but also for bathing. So cool them as much as possible by giving them summer baths or spraying water.

Keep cage in a shade
The cage can be covered with a porous sack during noons and afternoons. Never expose the pet bird to direct sunlight. One can also keep a table fan infront of the cage.

Lots of juicy fruits
Balanced diet is a must. Seasonal fruits and vegetables including sprouts should be given to hydrate them.

Understanding heatstroke
Panting, weakness, inability to maintain balance or flap wings are all signs of heat stroke in a bird. Look out for these symptoms and act promptly.

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