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Teacher from Bengal to become first COVID 19 vaccine volunteer in India?

11 May, 2020 22:29:06
Teacher from Bengal to become first COVID 19 vaccine volunteer in India?

Being a vaccine volunteer for a new vaccine trial needs a lot of courage, primarily because no one knows the side effects and the after effects of a new vaccine that goes into human trial. There are reports in many vaccines of the past where the volunteers have even died from the adverse effects of the vaccine. Hence when microbiologist Elisa Granato and cancer researcher Edward O’Neill volunteered themselves to be the first two participants of the COVID-19 vaccines developed by Oxford University, they were considered as the first line warriors to save humanity from the Corona crisis. 

Now comes the Indian vaccine trials, many of which are in the making in different laboratories in collaboration with foreign universities. Recently a teacher from Paschim Bardhaman, Chiranjit Dhibar has written a letter to ICMR, offering himself as a volunteer for COVID-19 vaccine trials. 30-year old Chiranjit has a family back home, his old mother, child and wife. ICMR and Union Home Ministry have accepted and acknowledged receipt of his letter sent over email. 

Right now, ICMR is looking for volunteers of plasma therapy, plasma being taken from patients who had already been infected by COVID-19. And if Chiranjit wishes to, he can take part in this trial too. However in his letter, Chiranjit mentions: “I am willing to give my body for corona virus vaccine trial testing for the sake of the nation and entire human race. I am willing to take on that deadly risk for the sake of speeding up vaccine development. I want to be a volunteer for this noble cause. In any circumstances, I will co-operate with you.”

As of now Chiranjit can volunteer for Plasma Therapy for non-COVID patients under the surveillance of Human Ethics Committee.

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