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The Ghosts of Kurseong

22 January, 2019 20:22:43
The Ghosts of Kurseong

If you have ever paid a visit to the dreamland of Kurseong, the peace, serenity, landscape must have left you in awe. In Lepcha language, this was originally called Kharsang or the ‘Land of the White Orchids.’ Be it the wooded mountains, lush green plantations, picturesque, thick forests, quiet monasteries, beautiful climate, Kurseong offers an interesting mix of heritage and nature. Located 32 kilometers from the famous hill station of Darjeeling, this place is the perfect destination if you want to spend some time in the lapse of nature. Tagore composed many of his songs and poems in this hill station. Abanindranath Tagore, the magic painter got many of his inspirations from here. But did you know that there is a dark side to this beautiful hill station?  

Every hill station has its own share of haunted tales which can make your blood run cold. The entire hill-station of Kurseong seems more like a ghost town which is the centre of paranormal activities. Be it the ambiguous forests, haunted pathways, whispers in the wind, screams, deaths for reason unknown, Death Road, Kurseong is known for its innumerous ghost tales. If you converse with locals, you will get to know these stories that might send a shiver down your spine. And if you are lucky enough, you might even have a supernatural experience. 

Kurseong The haunting hillstation

Dow Hill Road is a small stretch between the forest office and the eerie pine and birch foliage. Locals say a headless boy is often found walking about and disappearing into the woods. If you walk about the forests, you will feel someone following you constantly. People have also seen a lady dressed in white walking alone. It also seems that a pair of red eyes is keeping a close watch from you from a distance.The place remains deserted after sunset. The woods have also been a witness to countless mysterious deaths which the administration has no record of. The memories of the forest seem to haunt you forever. The fainthearted must avoid going to the woods alone. The sights and sound of Dow Hill Forest offer a slow and sinking feeling that will make you feel that the forest is truly cursed. 

Near the woods, stands a Boys School which also has numerous haunted tales to tell. This school dates back to 1879, when the foundation was laid by the British. The Victoria Boys School turns abuzz with sounds of laughter of young boys from empty corridors during vacation. The sound of whispers and footsteps are common. People say that the sinister essence of the forest has been passed on to the school. The school administration claim that these are rumour spread by the locals and school students who seem to be fascinated by ghost stories. 

The Victoria Boys School

Still, horror tales of Kurseong are that of intrigue unravelling the mysteries. If you do not believe in the horror tales, do pay a visit to the land of orchids to soak in the beauty of the hills where time stands still. And if you are striving to have a supernatural encounter, do pay a visit to the hill-station and come back with a bag full of unearthly stories. But make sure that you are sound and safe!

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