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Tilabari beckons

28 June, 2017 12:47:22
Tilabari beckons

A house atop a hill and hence the name, Tilabari. The British first noticed a cluster of houses (bari) atop a hill (tila) and named the place Tilabari. Situated in the Dooars region, Tilabari lies within the jurisdiction of Meteli police station. The West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation has built a tourist complex at Tilabari and ever since its formal inauguration, the place has witnessed a surge in the number of tourists visiting the spot. At present, the complex has 10 cottages, but seeing the rise in demand, plans are afoot to add 10 more cottages. Each cottage accommodates two guests. In case of a child above eight years accompanying his/her parents, an additional charge of 20 per cent is levied. Eco tourism also forms a part of Tilabari. Tourists can visit Gorumara or go on a jeep safari from here. They can also take a short trip to the Three Bigha Corridor, Jhalang, Bindu, Samsing and Rocky Islands. The tourism department is also developing a Nature Interpretation Centre and a museum to showcase rare varieties of birds and butterflies. Niranjan Saha, additional manager, in-charge of the project, assures the project will soon complete.

Tourists from Calcutta can avail the Kanchankanya Express to reach Mall station. From here they can hire small motor vehicles costing not more that Rs 500/- to reach Tilabari, at a distance of 15 kilometres. In case tourists wish to board the Teesta Express, Torsa Express or Kamroop Express, they will have to get down at Moynaguri and travel another 30 kilometres by road to reach Tilabari. Sandwiched between Jaldapara and Gorumara, Tilabari is becoming a major tourist destination. If you are keen to go there, you can book your cottage online.

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