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What should we keep in mind while purchasing pure ghee from the market!

6 May, 2023 16:54:26
What should we keep in mind while purchasing pure ghee from the market!

Bengalis swear by a spoonful of ghee - a splendid taste enhancer for warm white rice that can ace the game without even needing curries or side dishes to accompany it. If you have a consistent dollop of mashed potatoes, a pinch of salt, and fresh green chili by its side, you already have a complete meal. However, the major problem one has to face while purchasing ghee is that several brands available in the market do not provide fresh ghee, although they mention the word ‘fresh’ in bold fonts on the product label. The government of West Bengal has many times banned different ghee brands, demolished factories, and seized adulterated contents.


Several brands produce ghee that contains animal fat, hydrogenated fat, or both at once. These can unfavourably harm the human body by causing damage to the blood flow, messing with the heartbeat, and increasing the cholesterol levels in the blood. The human brain, liver, or kidney can get damaged, and the overall digestion capability can decrease due to regular consumption of those. The artificial colours that are used to intensify the colour of the ghee can even lead to cancer. Many sellers mix dalda or palm oil into the ghee. Reports claim that sometimes sellers are found to mix 600 gms of dalda and 300 gms of palm oil into 1 kg of ghee (which means that it has only 100 gms of pure ghee in it). Artificial factors are also mixed to add a grainy feel to the ghee, which is harmful as well.

However, pure ghee is devoid of all these problems. Not only does it not cause diseases, but it also comes with numerous good benefits. Pure ghee has been used in Indian food recipes since time immemorial and has made its way into the recipes of several Ayurvedic medicines with time. Ghee is made by boiling unsalted butter for a long time and can be used as an alternative to butter in some cases. Devoid of added preservatives and trans fat, pure ghee can be easily stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

How can taking a spoonful of ghee every morning benefit you?

1. Pure ghee consists of fat-soluble vitamins, which can help shed some kilos.
2. It helps reduce the possibility of cancer.
3. Ghee contains numerous kinds of antioxidants (especially vitamin C) and monounsaturated omega-3 fatty acids that can control cholesterol levels in the blood and resist heart diseases.
4. It works fabulously as a hair and skin moisturizer.
5. Reduces heartburn and helps in better digestion. People who are not so fond of milk products can opt for pure ghee as well.

How do you distinguish pure ghee?

To detect pure ghee, melt it! One can melt it with the warmth of their palm or put it in the oven. If you notice that the ghee is taking too much time to melt or turning yellow, then it is not pure. There is even an easier way. Heat some water in a pan and place the jar of ghee inside it. Let the ghee melt. Then put the jar in the freezer. If the frozen ghee completely takes on one colour, then it is pure. But if it is impure, then it will divide into separate layers of oil. However, the best way is to ask for the certificate while purchasing ghee. To stay safe, you can either prepare ghee at home. Or you can purchase it from a known brand that provides proper certification, like The Bengal Store.

The Bengal Store has been selling foods for the past few years that have no added chemicals or preservatives. Their ghee is not only of higher quality but also tops the list when asked about purity. The Bengal Store was determined to never compromise on the quality of food, and this was the sole reason why their number of customers increased by leaps and bounds. This online store directly procures ghee from the village milk churners and delivers it to their customers. Their ghee has been certified by the experts at IIT Kharagpur.

You can easily purchase pure ghee from The Bengal Store with just a click and experience the difference yourself.

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