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Actress Nusrat Jahan to be special guest at ISKCON Rathayatra

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Born to a Muslim family, married recently to a Hindu, donning the Hindu bride’s sindoor at the Parliament, Nusrat Jahan has raised many eyebrows. So much so that even a Muslim cleric had issued a fatwa against her. But she remains undaunted. What she says about religious inclusiveness and spreads the message of love and respect is probably the need of the hour. 

No wonder, impressed by the harmony she strikes among conflicting religions, ISKCON chose her as the special guest of the Kolkata Rathayatra Festival. As ISKCON spokesperson Radharaman Das says: ‘We have people of all faiths from across the globe as our devotees, who bring their varied ethnicities to ISKCON and enrich it. We find Jahan’s stand to be totally in sync with our ideals and have decided to celebrate it.’

Nusrat Jahan’s inclusive secular ideals have naturally clicked and hope many more follow suit. After all religion is about spiritualism.