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Fragile mangrove forests cut down mercilessly by land sharks

7 December, 2018 20:49:36
Fragile mangrove forests cut down mercilessly by land sharks

If you have ever been to Bakkhali and Henry’s Island, you would know why this whole tract of virgin territory was once called the Paradise of Bay of Bengal. But now it seems a racket of land sharks are operating in this area, mercilessly cutting down the mangrove vegetation that fall under the forest department. Mangrove forests to a large extent protect the villages lining in this entire area from a major natural disaster, be it floods or cyclones. However, it seems no one is bothered to stop this racket.

In Amaravati and Kashibati moujas, one gets to see rows of bamboo and mud huts in place of mangrove forests. This has primarily happened along the Bakkhali coastline. The price of land in this area has suddenly shot high after the work of a bridge over Hatania-Doyaniya rivers started. This meant the price of the surrounding land area has risen phenomenally, leading to the advent of the land sharks who started grabbing the lands and selling them illegally. Unfortunately, everyone seems to turn a blind eye. When shall we learn to protect our environment?  

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