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Giant catfish weighing 120kg caught by fishermen at Teesta barrage

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If you are a fish-lover you must have heard name of the fish Aar. This fish belongs to the family of catfishes and is also a carnivorous fish that is cooked like meat and is heavenly to taste. But the usual catfishes caught in Bengal are maximum around 10 kg in weight. Today was a rare day indeed and a surprise for all fishermen at Teesta Barrage where regularly fishes are caught by anglers both for commercial purpose and for sport as well.

Fishermen of Gajoldoba like any other day had cast their nets near the barrage’s lockgate. After an hour or so when they started rewinding their nets to pull their catch on shore, they realized something monstrous had been caught that cannot be pulled up by just one man. It was the 120 kg Aar fish that surprised all. They had never seen such a huge fish before. It took several hours to pull up the fish and that too by making a collective effort with heavy ropes. The fish was instantly declared as a prized catch and was sold in the Jalpaiguri market for more than Rs 62,000!