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Kolkata Police directs houses of all old couples to get CCTV 

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Netaji Nagar and Sonarpur murder cases have rocked Kolkata indeed. They show the vulnerability of elderly couples who live alone in absence of their children, who either live in some other city or abroad. To help the elderly of the city, Kolkata Police has come up with several steps and measures. They have already directed every local police station to keep a tab on who lives alone and visit them personally.

Now they will come up with CCTV cameras in every household of elderly people that can be monitored from the local police stations that will help to understand who all are entering and leaving the houses. Different local PS have already started the work. New Alipur police station have been visiting different couples already, even those who are not registered under the Pronaam initiative.

Hope these measures will work and the elderly of Kolkata can live safely henceforth.