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Pujor Gaan: Do music albums still create a stir during Durga Puja?

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There was a time when Durga Puja could be related not just to dhaakis and their drumbeats, but also to new album releases. Pujor Gaan was a quintessential part of Durga Puja, just like Bengali’s bhuri bhoj and bhog spread was a must during all Puja days. However, as time progressed, generations of Bengalis started moving out of the city and with new technological advances, pujo album releases took a back seat. As singer and Salil Chowdhury’s daughter Antara Chowdhury says: “These days, no one wishes to buy music. If they get it for free, they are happy. You get several likes and comments for free, but if public is asked to buy CDs or music on internet, they will usually shy away unfortunately.” Yet, music in various forms still rule Puja days and the musical journeys have changed in form, but not in thoughts.

What’s trending in music this Durga Puja