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Sweet dishes of Taki as remembered by Sunanda Bose

5 March, 2018 13:02:46
Sweet dishes of Taki as remembered by Sunanda Bose

A vegetable Aumbol or chutney called Barar aumbol or Sweet potato aumbol is cooked in Taki during winter season. Vegetables such as red pumpkin, sweet potato, white tender radish and brinjal are used for this dish. A simple chutney that will titillate your taste buds and can be easily prepared. Mustard oil is heated and then whole red chilly and mustard seeds are added. Some diced vegetables (radish thinly sliced) are thrown into it and sauted after adding slight salt. Amada is added to give it a superb flavour. While the vegetables are being cooked, a dash of mustard paste, tamarind(preferably boiled green tamarind or kanchatentul)is mixed with water, strained and added to the cooked vegetables.The pre-fried Mung dal baras are added. The Aumbole is then sweetened with either Nolen Gur or sugar.


Taki is famous for its Malpoas. Although called a Malpoa, this sweet is closer to the Pantua and Chitrakut family.It is rectangular in shape, prepared by mixing Chena, Khoa kheer and Maida and soaked in sugar syrup after frying the Malpoa in ghee on a slow flame. Formerly most Taki ladies could prepare Malpoa at home.

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