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All local sweet shops will remain open in Bengal from tomorrow

31 March, 2020 21:57:23
All local sweet shops will remain open in Bengal from tomorrow

Amidst the Lockdown, here is some good news for Mishti loving Bengalis. All local sweet shops will remain open from tomorrow daily for 4 hours from 12 noon to 4pm. This will not only help you to procure sweets for your homes, but will support the dairy industry that was going through a huge loss for the Lockdown. Milk is a perishable commodity and in the recent past it was found many milkmen of Bengal were throwing their milk in ponds as there was none to buy.

Usually this milk and Chhena go to hundreds of sweet shops of Bengal. Due to Lockdown these shops were all shut and as a result tonnes of milk were being wasted. It is believed this measure is also taken keeping in mind 15th April which also happens to be the Bengali New Year. The state government will take further decision on the celebration of this auspicious day depending on how the next 2 weeks go and how many cases are reported etc. Till now we all know the Lockdown is till 14th April. However, keeping the sweet shops open will to some extent help locals satisfy their sweet tooth. 

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