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Belur Math opens gates for COVID warriors -- doctors and nurses

8 May, 2020 02:18:33
Belur Math opens gates for COVID warriors -- doctors and nurses

It is often said Swami Vivekananda and Sister Nivedita had taken a big role during the plague epidemic in Bengal by literally bringing out manifestos, working on cleaning of neighbourhoods and building awareness. No wonder Ramakrishna Mission following their footsteps, will rise to the Corona crisis. Other than helping the poor and needy with daily food, rations etc across India, Belur Math has now opened its gates to COVID-19 warriors, doctors and nurses who are fighting tooth and nail to save patients.

Unfortunately, many of them are being ostracized and are not being allowed to stay in their rented place or PG accommodation. Keeping this in mind Belur Math is allowing its huge guest house to be used by doctors and nurses of TL Jaiswal Hospital of Howrah that is barely 2 kms from Belur Math. Around 26 doctors and nurses of the hospital are now staying at their guest house. Howrah District administration had written to the RK Mission headquarters in Belur asking to help in their accommodation and accordingly it was arranged by Belur Math promptly. After all their mission has always been to serve mankind.  

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