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Biryanishk – the new address for Biriyani lovers of Kolkata

20 September, 2019 02:07:01

Biryanishk by The Biryani Company is driven by the indomitable passion for biryani. Regal biryanis are crafted exclusively for the discerning palate. Hand-picked ingredients, recipes curated over years of exploring the subcontinent, strict quality control, and an incurable love for food make for a premium yet value for money experience at Biriyanishk. While classic Kolkata Biryani provides the anchor, the brand also takes biriyani connoisseurs on a culinary journey across India with some of the choicest hidden gems. Biryanishk is all about the love for Biryani – with a bouquet of Biryanis served on the food lovers of Kolkata.

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