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Blood Shot eyes, rupture of blood vessels, new monsoon disease hits Kolkata

20 September, 2019 02:07:01
Blood Shot eyes, rupture of blood vessels, new monsoon disease hits Kolkata

Do your eyes seem unnaturally red? Many city dwellers these days are complaining of ‘blood shot eyes.’ You will be shocked standing in front of the mirror to find half of the white portion of the eye looks abnormally red while the rest of the eyes are coloured normal. But there is no sensation in the eyes. Only the eyes are turning red as a beet.

In the recent past, many patients have flocked to eye-specialists with such complaints. But much to their surprise, the only thing that the doctors had to say was, “Don’t worry. This will heal soon.” The clinical term for this disease is ‘Sub-congenital hemorrhage’ which occurs due to bleeding just below the conjunctiva. According to the doctors, Sub-congenital hemorrhage is a common yet harmless problem which hardly needs any treatment. It could seem to be unnerving but is harmless in reality. 

Within a couple of weeks, the blood clot goes away. Throughout the year, many suffer from this problem, but during the onset of monsoon, the frequency increases primarily because of the sudden change of temperature. The blood vessels that are found in the conjunctive ruptures and gives rise to blood clotting in the eyes. However, rubbing the eyes might aggravate the problem. Though this disease does not demand an immediate treatment, but the ones who suffer from heart diseases and consume aspirin for diluting the blood, should immediately stop taking this medicine if they too are going through problem of blood shot eyes. 

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