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Burdwan Medical College doctors perform miracle operation

19 April, 2019 04:00:18
Burdwan Medical College doctors perform miracle operation

An embryo of eight months was found in the stomach of a baby of one year and eight months recently. Burdwan Medical College Hospital came across this rare case and took out the foetus, thus saving the baby through a complex surgery procedure.

Dr Narendranath Mukherjee of Burdwan Medical College said the case was rare and occurs in one among five million children. Such incidents in the medical terminology are called ‘foetus-in-fetu’ which is a congenital anomaly where a malformed and parasitic foetus grows inside the body of a baby. The cause can be various. It might be that foetus of the twin baby had developed in the womb of the mother out of which one had remained inside the other and did not get the opportunity to develop perfectly. Another opinion is this might be an unusual phenomenon, where a tumour like flesh is formed inside the abdomen of a growing baby.

Balaram Majhi and Lakshmi Majhi’s eight-month-old son Debnath Majhi had been crying and refusing food. The baby’s stomach also went hard. After a CT scan, the doctors realized the problem and surgery was the only option. A team of ten doctors was created for the surgery, that lasted about two hours.The embryo has been successfully removed from the child’s stomach. The presence of the hands and feet of the child could be felt inside the embryo. According to the doctors, Debnath is 1 year 8 months old. He was in his mother’s womb for nine months. Therefore, the unborn child of the undeveloped embryo is 2 years and 5 months old.

Quite naturally, Debnath’s father is immensely thankful to the doctors. For the last six months, the baby’s stomach seemed to be unusually swelled up although there was no physical impediment. Debnath was like any other happy child, full of life. According to doctors,Debnath will recover within 5-7 days. Kudos to the doctors of Burdwan Medical College for pulling through such a complicated operation. State run hospitals have once again proved their superior services and doctors

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