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Cancer survivor and cricket icon Arun Lal gives shocking account on pappad making!

25 February, 2020 01:49:18

Food adulteration has been a constant cause for the rising cancer cases in India. Over the last decade the country has seen almost a 60 per cent jump in cancer patients and other than pollution, the second most important reason for cancer seems to be adulterated food, most of which are laced with harmful chemicals. One of the common examples is Pappad, a very common Indian snack that comes as an accompaniment to most Indian meals. 

Other than the adulterated pulses that are often used in these low-cost snacks, it is shocking to note sometimes the pappad is rolled with oil that is nothing other than diesel! Imagine diesel, a highly carcinogenic component and an absolute no-no for human consumption is being used to make pappad! I have stopped eating pappad since then! 

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