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Chaltabagan Sarbojonin pays tribute to Kolkata Police

25 September, 2019 05:21:07
Chaltabagan Sarbojonin pays tribute to Kolkata Police

Durga Puja is here! You’ve already decided on your outfits (bought months ago, of course), which pandals you’ll visit with your friends on the days of the puja, and of course, celebrate Calcutta by gorging on street food!

However, will all of us spend Durga Puja in such a joyous and carefree way? Perhaps not. The force behind a peaceful Durga Puja, the people who make sure everything goes smoothly and securely, go mostly unnoticed. Yes, it is the police force of Kolkata, and this year, they are going to be given the recognition they deserve!

Chaltabagan Sarbojonin has always strived to be the best among their equally strong competitors, and never fail to thrill Kolkata with their grand appeal and well thought-out themes. This year, the theme is Ebaar Pujo ta Oder Jonne (This time, the festival is for them). The theme will pay homage to the dutiful, selfless, and hardworking aspects of the Kolkata Police Force. The creative artist behind this superb theme is Sayak Raj. 

Preparations have been made by the artist to collect photographs of the police force in action for the pandal. These photos will be used to decorate the interior of the pandal. Apart from the police force, the association will pay their respects to the Dog Squad, the Detective Department and other departments which will serve as models in the mandaap. 

It is time we looked beyond ourselves, and the splendour of the pujas, to thank those who work tirelessly to ensure a good time for us all, while they work behind the scenes for a smooth and safe Puja!

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