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Shuvangi Dey

First year English Hons student JU

500-year-old Durga Puja along the Shali River of Bankura 

GB visits a pujo that is even older to Kolkata’s history

150-year-old Kolkata Durga Pujo where Mahishasura wears coat and pants!

Is it a colonial hangover? Or protest against oppressor?

Chaltabagan Sarbojonin pays tribute to Kolkata Police

Those who tirelessly work to make Durga puja a success

Why is Durga Puja 2019 ‘different’ for Bengal?

Heady concoction of new ideas, awards and nostalgia!

Pujo Theatre: Thakurdalan where Uttam Kumar performed

Reliving Girish Bhavan Thakurdalan and memories of Jatra

‘Bho Katta’— why children these days no more shout these ...

Have mobile phones taken away the fun of kite flying?

Harmless firecrackers can be more harmful

Charkis, fuljhuris and rangmashals can be worst enemies