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Christmas Bunny In A Hurry

25 December, 2017 12:51:53
Christmas Bunny In A Hurry

On Christmas Eve a bunny named Mr Wellington was celebrating Christmas with his family in Kolkata - Mrs Wellington and their two children Charlie Wellington and Mary Wellington were also participating. They were about to cut the cake when Mr Wellington’s phone rang. It was Mr Peter, Mr Wellington’s boss! ‘Rush down to the office; there is a crisis; our volt room is jammed! We cannot open the glass door. All important documents including the one crore rupees cash is inside the room! We will not be able to give salaries to the staff for Christmas! Office will not be able to function. So please do hurry! fast!’

Mr. Wellington’s face turned from white to purple. He said to his wife, ‘I have to go to office,it’s an emergency.We will cut the cake after I come back.’ Saying this he dashed down to his car and drove to his office. On reaching office on Little Russell Street, he found that there was panic. Everyone was trying to open the glass door. Suddenly an idea came to Mr. Wellington’s mind. He suggested to his boss: ‘Why don’t we call the Kolkata police?’

Mr Peter in all amazement shouted: ‘Areyou crazy? Nothing has been stolen or robbed. What will the police do with this jammed door?’ Mr Wellington whispered to his boss’s ears. Mr Peterlooked convinced and called the police. Police appeared in less than a minute. They took out their shotguns and blew up the lock. The glass door opened. Everyone cheered. Mr Peter was amazed by Mr Welligton’s presence of mind. ‘Mr Wellington, you not only saved the office but bought smile to the families. I am really proud of you.’ He awarded Mr Wellington with one lakh rupees. Mr Welligton thanked Mr Peter and drove back home quickly. He narrated the whole story to his family who were eagerly waiting for him. He exclaimed,‘I am happy that the problem is solved on Christmas Eve. Everyone in my office will be able to celebrate Christmas happily.’ Thereafter they cut the cake and started their celebration.

Abhradeep Saha
Class IV
Birla High Schoo

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