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Debdut Saha, son of a farm labourer, tops UPSC Statistical Exams – GetBengal story

11 March, 2024 10:30:29
Debdut Saha, son of a farm labourer, tops UPSC Statistical Exams – GetBengal story

IDebjit Saha is a pride for all of us and an inspiration for all aspiring UPSC students. This boy from rural Bengal cleared the UPSC exams on his first attempt without the help of coaching centres or tutors.

Well, this is a story of grit and determination. Debdut Saha, the 25-year-old young man who hails from a poor agrarian family of Kulkuri village in the district of Birbhum has shown the way. He worked hard to stand in his current position while simultaneously providing for his family , working as a post office worker. His job and his preparations went alongside. Not just that, he is also an all-rounder in studies and gives education immense importance.

He hails from a farmer family, consisting of his father, Pintu Saha, mother Chaya Saha and his grandmother, Adurani Saha. His father used to work as a farm labourer in the fields of other villagers to support the family. Now, with his son’s success, he does not have to do that tiring work anymore. Until a few years ago, Saha’s family was running on a small pension that his grandmother used to receive from the government. Their fortune started to change in 2020, when Debdut got a job at the local post office. However, his employment did not change his desire to appear for the all-India level examination. Along with his job, his preparations for UPSC continued with full support from his family. 

Education holds an important place in his life, despite his family’s financial position. Explaining his educational background, he says, “I passed the secondary examination from Bishnupur High School. I took the Higher Secondary examination from Birbhum District School. After that, I graduated from Visva Bharati University. I got a job in the last year of my graduation and even got a chance at IIT Kanpur, but I didn’t join. Instead,I joined the post office job as I needed to earn.”

He started preparing for the UPSC examination in mid-2021 and sat for the exam in 2022. He cleared the written test on his first attempt and even appeared for the interview round. He appeared for a second time and this time he took the Indian Statistical Service exam of UPSC. He candidly explains his job. “Now there will be two years of training. Posting will be given after training.” He scored so well in his examinations that his name is even mentioned in the list of 33 meritorious candidates in the Indian Statistical Service examination of UPSC. Such a feat is understated!

Despite his success and academic proficiency, Saha remains humble. His humility was already proven when he chose not to pursue a course at IIT Kanpur, but rather clear the UPSC examinations to make a difference to his nation, and not leave his roots.“I wish to improve my village and uplift the lives of people so that my hometown progresses.” His love for his family and their support played a huge role in shaping his career. 

His humility is further strengthened by his previous struggles to reach his current position. Explaining his struggles, he says, “I used to save time and study during work at the Post Office. I used to study on holidays or other free time. Since father was no more earning, it was my responsibility to support the family.” His success is enough to sustain his family, emotionally and financially.He admits that without his family’s support, it would have been hard for him to achieve his dreams. His humility and love for his family surprises all who read about him. 

Debdut Saha’s resilience, hard work and academic proficiency is rare. His hunger to make his dreams come true truly serves as an inspiration for all UPSC aspiring students who are worried about selecting a coaching centre while spending a fortune. Saha proves that one can make one’s dreams come true by staying focused and not forgetting one’s roots. Support is a pillar that is very important for success. To the world, he may be unknown but to many, he is the inspiration for UPSC aspirants and to his family, he is their darling son who made them and their village proud.

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