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Eden Gardens to Lord’s cricket stadium: Journey of a Lifetime! – GetBengal story

16 March, 2024 16:54:58
Eden Gardens to Lord’s cricket stadium: Journey of a Lifetime!  – GetBengal story

From the iconic Eden Gardens stadium in Kolkata to the historic Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, a group of 15 travel enthusiasts and globetrotters are embarking on an extraordinary journey of a lifetime! They are all set to undertake a remarkable road trip covering a staggering distance of 18,000 kilometres through 22 countries in six SUVs as part of the ‘Drive of Dreams’ expedition.

Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India

This epic adventure will commence near Eden Gardens on August 24th and is estimated to last for 63 days, culminating near Lord’s Cricket Ground on October 25th. The expedition will traverse through countries such as China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Germany, and Switzerland. To ensure the safety of the group, an extra service car will accompany the convoy, ready to assist in case of any emergencies or SUV breakdowns when help might not be readily available.

The Drive of Dreams expedition is a tribute to the erstwhile Kolkata-London bus service, which was known to be the longest bus route in the world, operating from 1957 until the 1970s with a journey duration of about 132 days. This modern-day adventure not only pays homage to a historical landmark but also creates a new landmark in its own right.

Debanjali Ray and her husband, Kaushik Ray, founder of Roadyssey (Image courtesy : The Asian age)

This incredible initiative is led by a Bengali couple residing in Australia: Debanjali Ray, an anaesthesiologist, and her husband, Kaushik Ray, a businessman. They founded a community for travellers called Roadyssey, whose members will undertake this legendary road trip, breaking conventions and setting an example of bold exploration.

Kaushik recalls how the song “Sankalpa” by Kazi Nazrul Islam ignited his passion for travelling and exploring new cultures. His dream of extensive travel was partially fulfilled when his wife resigned from the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, where she worked as an assistant professor, and the couple moved to Australia in 2018. Living abroad, they formed the Roadyssey community, bringing together like-minded travel enthusiasts from around the globe.

Debanjali Ray, who named the expedition 'Drive of Dreams', sees it as a celebration of the desire to explore the unknown and the beauty of nature. She emphasises the excitement among the participants and the meticulous preparations underway. Each traveller is contributing 10 lakh rupees towards the expedition, demonstrating their commitment to this unique journey from Kolkata to London. . “Travel enthusiasts like us always splurge on foreign trips, for which we have slush funds,” she explains.

Participating in this expedition will offer glimpses of Mount Everest, the Great Wall of China, and the ancient Silk Route, making it a deeply historical and transformative experience. This journey will transcend borders, traverse different political eras, and provide a retrospective view of our shared history.

Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood, London

Subir Roy, a businessman from Nagerbazar in Kolkata and a veteran motor rallyist in the city, talks about how this Kolkata-London trip would be an experience of a lifetime for him. He is overjoyed to be a part of this historic motor drive through 22 countries. “This expedition will epitomise the spirit of adventure and camaraderie among travel enthusiasts,” he says excitedly. Similarly, chartered accountant Rahul Banerjee, a Salt Lake resident, also expresses the same views on the trip. He reflects on the difficulties they may face on the trip and hopes that they will be able to tide over the challenges together.

This unprecedented journey from one iconic cricket stadium to another signifies that, while cities may change, history endures. Kolkata and London, often deemed as fading cities due to evolving political and social landscapes, will reinvigorate through this historic expedition and promises to stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration and the timeless allure of travel.


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