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Electric supply might be shut every week for half an hour to save power

2 July, 2019 02:33:41
Electric supply might be shut every week for half an hour to save power

The entire world is paying a huge price for global warming. The polar ice sheets are melting faster than ever. Penguins and polar bears of the Arctic region are perishing. The scarcity of water has intensified in India. Environmentalists are repeatedly sending out signs of warning. They are urging us to protect our environment. It is about time that we curb the use of organic fuel and excess power consumption.  

In the pursuit of protecting the environment, the State Government is making an effort to put up a strong resistance to stop excess power consumption. In a bid to do that, they have proposed to keep electricity supply off for around half an hour every week to all households. It is almost like the Earth Hour moment that is practised in many European cities. The state government will be soon sending an appeal to the general public informing them about the effectiveness and benefits of the initiative. 

According to expert data, if the power supply is stopped for half an hour a week, electricity and coal could be saved to a large extent. It will also help in protecting the environment in the process. During the production of thermal power, a lot of carbon dioxide is emitted. This could also be controlled to an extent. However, this decision of stopping the power supply for half an hour a week will not be imposed on the citizens only. This decision will be followed in every sphere of the society. The Nabanna authorities have already made an appeal to the government and ministers’ offices to shut down the electricity supply for half an hour in a week. Everyone needs to extend a hand of support for protecting the environment. Before the execution of the decision, the state intends to spread awareness among the people and present the reason behind taking such an initiative. If the decision is practiced sincerely by all, and if the citizens work hand in hand with the government, it will truly turn out to be an unprecedented and unparallel step for protecting the environment. 

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