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Gondhoraj Ghol: The Perfect Summer Cooler! - GetBengal story

9 April, 2024 17:16:21
Gondhoraj Ghol: The Perfect Summer Cooler! - GetBengal story

Bengal's early encounter with scorching temperatures, such as those soaring to 38 degrees Celsius in districts like Bankura, signals the arrival of a challenging summer ahead.Staying healthy, fit, and energized during these scorching summer months requires staying hydrated. Apart from drinking plenty of water, a refreshing glass of Bengal's own buttermilk, or lassi, known as ghol, can be incredibly beneficial.

Ghol has long been the go-to drink for those returning home after a hard day's work in the heat, as well as for children coming back from school. Lighter than lassi, this cooling drink not only boasts superb nutritional value but also helps keep you refreshed and revitalized all day long.

In Bengal, Ghol is made even more delightful by adding a hint of Gondhoraj Lebu, which translates to 'The King of Fragrances’. Native to Bengal, it is a hybrid of lime and mandarin orange. Gondhoraj Lebu is renowned for its delightful fragrance, reminiscent of Kaffir lime but sweeter in taste and scent. When added to beverages and desserts, it creates an incredibly aromatic blend that is both refreshing and rejuvenating.

In essence, Ghol with Gondhoraj lime is a quintessential Bengali summer drink that not only helps beat the heat but also tantalizes the taste buds with its fragrant and refreshing appeal. Here’s a recipe of this lip smacking drink – 

Gondhoraj Ghol Recipe:


● 2 cups of Yogurt/Plain curd
● 1 cup of Ice water/Chilled water
● 2 tbsp of Sugar (adjust to taste)
● A pinch or two of Black salt
● 1 tbsp of Gondhoraj lime zest
● Juice of 1/2 a Gondhoraj lime


Blend the yogurt, sugar, and black salt in a blender.
Add the water and lime zest, blend until frothy.
Stir in the lime juice using a spoon (do not blend).
Pour into serving glasses, top with Gondhoraj Lebu zest, and a wedge or two.
Serve chilled.

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