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How did Lyangcha and Kodma get their peculiar names?

3 January, 2018 13:21:36
How did Lyangcha and Kodma get their peculiar names?

The minute someone takes the name of Shaktigarh in East Burdwan, one remembers Lyangcha! But how did this famous Bengali sweet get its name! In the 1890s, an expert karigar (sweetmeat maker) arrived in Shaktigarh from Kalna to make pantua and ladykany. He was lame and walked with a limp which earned him the sobriquet ‘Lyangcha.’ Hence the sweetmeat he made was christened Lyangcha. Although Lyangcha is made and sold in all parts of Bengal today, the ones made in Shaktigarh are renowned for their size and taste. This sweetmeat has been associated with its place of origin for more than a century and the state is now planning to apply for the GI tag.


Another speciality of East Burdwan is Kodma of Mankar. Those extremely sugary hard cracked sweets that one gives during any puja and a great favourite with all children!! The time when manufacturing of kodma started here is not known. Huge, puffed kodma, the size of a pumpkin but weighing only 500 gms would be made and it was an essential part of puja rituals. However, of late, the sweetmeat has lost much of its charm due to lack of competent karigars and because of its excessive sugar content.  

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