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How farmers of Alipurduarare keeping elephants awa fruits

12 October, 2017 20:17:49
How farmers of Alipurduarare keeping elephants awa fruits

They often lose their harvest and their money to elephants. As the human-pachyderm struggle intensifies in the villages bordering forests of North Bengal, the state forest department is teaching farmers of these bordering villages how to keep the elephants away. The usual crops grown here are paddy, jute and vegetables, that elephants love to feed on. This attracts elephant herds in large numbers once these crops ripen. So, a change in crop pattern will help to keep the animals away.

Forest officials are advising to grow fruits like, lemon, sweet lime, strawberries and spices like turmeric, bay leaves etc that have pungent smells which drive away these animals, instead of attracting them. The village uphill have been advised to get into apiculture as bees are also an enemy of elephants and will automatically discourage the animals to get into the area.

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