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Humanity Hospital of Thakurpukur

18 August, 2017 00:56:50
Humanity Hospital of Thakurpukur

Humanity Hospital of Thakurpukur is a charitable hospital for the poor. It was built by a woman from the area who used to sell vegetables in city markets and gave her lifetime earnings to set up a hospital that would cater to people like her, free of cost. Subhasini Mistry is now 74-year-old, but she has been successful in inspiring many and recently drew the attention of groups of NRI doctors.

One such group of London based doctors called Essex Indians will hold a show at Tapan Theatre and an estimated 2.5 lakhs collected from the fundraiser, will be handed over to the hospital. The Humanity Hospital started in 1996 with just five beds, now has an ICCU, OPD, pathological centre and 45 beds. The money will go for upgrading the facilities further, specially for the poor who are treated free of cost in this hospital.

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