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Imagine your Zomato food coming through drones!

15 June, 2019 23:33:44
Imagine your Zomato food coming through drones!

Just imagine a drone moving above your house! Well, do not feel threatened, not an army drone looking out for terrorists, rather your food delivery drone ready with your ordered lunch or dinner. Yes, Zomato has been experimenting with drones as delivery boys. These machines can carry upto 5kg food for a distance of several kms within seconds as they do not have to face the traffic snarls which any delivery boy on a two-wheeler has to face. 

It is believed such food drones will reach the food in record time. However, in cities like Kolkata the primary concern will be if the drones can be flown down successfully, considering the amount of cable lines and electric wire mesh that cover every neighbourhood. Imagine the drones with your favourite dishes stuck in one such mess! Well, that is something we need to find out. But definitely such drone delivery food is a new addition to the food lovers’ map.

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