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International Kolkata Art Festival celebrates Abanindranath Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary

16 December, 2022 16:57:50
International Kolkata Art Festival celebrates Abanindranath Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary

IArtists reside in every corner of the world. In our lives, art plays an important role in rejuvenating us and providing an escape from our monotonous daily hustle. This December there is an opportunity to witness the artworks of various artists who have gathered at the Art Festival held at the Indian Museum. The 150th birth anniversary of Abanindranath Tagore is being celebrated along with 150 artists who have participated in the largest painting fair in Kolkata. The 10th International Kolkata Art Festival is being held from 15-18 December 2022 at the Indian Museum, Kolkata between 1 PM to 8 PM..


“Bondhu Ek Asha”, a socio-cultural organisation, in collaboration with the Indian Museum has given shape to this festival and has dedicated it to the 150th birth anniversary of Abanindranath Tagore. The organisation had also organised the 9th International Kolkata Art Festival. The chairman of the festival Satyam Roychowdhury, a noted educationist and Chancellor of Sister Nivedita University and Chairman of Techno India said: “The organisation “Bondhu Ek Asha” helps small-scale talented artists to reach the international arena and promotes new artists who have impressive skill.”

The general secretary of “Bondhu Ek Asha”, Nupur Roy, said, “Our principal aim is to promote art, we dedicate our platform to artists as a whole. In some cases, only those artists come to the limelight who have already achieved a considerable amount of fame but we have kept it open to all. Whoever contacted us first, we provided them the opportunity to be a part of this festival. Both famous and not-so-famous artists have participated in the festival.”

Nandan Kumar Dutta


At the event, various artworks are on display and many are for sale as well. An artist, Nandan Kumar Dutta, who has participated in the festival, has put two of his paintings on display. One of his paintings focuses on the pandemic, “When India was under Lockdown, I thought if we could be provided with vaccines, as it is done to prevent other diseases as well, such as polio and others and eventually vaccines were discovered. So, I dedicated my painting to the mass vaccination drive. I painted on a water colour base with gel pens and used throw pens.” In his second painting, he used acrylic colours and focused on the beauty amidst ruins.

Sree Debnath

At the festival, many stalls have been set up by different artists who make clothes, jewellery, decorative showpieces, and many more. Sree Debnath, an artist and a participant in the art festival, has put up a stall of her “Sundari Komola Boutique.” This is her second time participating in the Kolkata Art Festival. She makes kurtis, tops, and crop tops of cotton and wool. “Our weavers make such soft gamchas, yet they do not get their deserved price. I thought, why not use our home-grown fabric rather than drooling over fabrics that are imported from other places? It is made of pure cotton, which is all the more comfortable for us as we live in a region that is hot and humid for the larger part of the year. My inspiration is Bibi Russell. I still think that I have a long way to go and this is just the beginning of my journey.” She also makes innovative jewellery such as chokers, necklaces based on cod and beads, bangles, and many more.  


A series of events will be held at the International Kolkata Art Festival:

16th December 2022:
Bau lGaan by Khokon Khepa, eminent Singer, Kolkata at 4 PM
Sounds of Speech: Subject- Kolkata- A Name of Living History, Speakers: Mr. Swaroop Prashad Ghosh, Goutam Basu Mallick, and Anjan Sen at 6 PM

17th December 2022:
Paper Collage Workshop by Sourav Bhattacharya at 3 PM 
Post Card Art Workshop at 4 PM
Performance by Drishanto Folk Musical Band at 7 PM

18th December 2022:
Sit and Draw Competition at 3 PM
Sounds of Speech: Subject: Early Oil Painting of Bengal, Speaker: Mr. Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya, at 6 PM
Closing and prize Distribution Ceremony at 7 PM

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