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KMC brings ‘Mist Cannon Machine’ to sanitize Kolkata Streets

16 July, 2020 05:36:08
KMC brings ‘Mist Cannon Machine’ to sanitize Kolkata Streets

The Mist Cannon Machine was inaugurated by Firhad Hakim, Chairman of Board of administrators, Kolkata Municipal Corporation. This addition will help KMC fight the COVID-19 pandemic better. How? The machine will play a vital role in eradicating the Corona virus and will kill the virus that might be adhering to railings, benches and discarded materials on streets. 

So long Sodium Hydrochloride, the chemical that kills the virus was used through sprinklers in neighbourhoods or to sanitize buildings that went into containment zones. Now this Mist Cannon Machine will be able to sanitize main roads and large stretches at a go, as its reach is for several kilometres. This will ensure bigger areas of the city are sanitized simultaneously.


It will also play an effective role in preventing environmental pollution during winters, as the mist will help curb the dust particles and clean the environment. The machine was first used last Saturday effectively on Rani Rasmoni Road. It will now be used on major thoroughfares of the city to keep COVID-19 at bay.
Image Source: IANS

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