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Kolkata’s Green Taxi to scatter seeds on way to Delhi

29 June, 2019 00:03:04
Kolkata’s Green Taxi to scatter seeds on way to Delhi

He is the Green Man of Kolkata. Bapi da aka Dhananjay Chakraborty, the cab driver who spent thousands, despite his humble earnings, just to make this city greener. For those who have come across this green taxi knows that Bapi had made a special green garden on the roof of his cab so that it can curb the pollution. This had cost him more than Rs 20,000, yet he was unperturbed. 

He not only inspired the city to take to his green route, but also helped in propagating the idea of conserving nature among school children of Kolkata. Now he wants to take his mission forward by travelling in his green taxi to Delhi and meet the President. But on his way, he will scatter seeds of trees and give saplings to people he meets. Hope the seedlings will one day turn to big trees and give shade and fruits to the world that is in dire need of trees. Thanks to nature lovers like Bapi that there is still hope of turning this world into a greener pasture.

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