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KUDOS! Students of Asansol Engineering college invent ‘touchless switches’

11 June, 2020 01:57:27
KUDOS! Students of Asansol Engineering college invent ‘touchless switches’

During Unlock 1, the primary concern amongst us all is how to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through various means --- primary among that would be by touching infected surfaces. Even indoors are no more secure (primarily offices, banks, shops) as a switch touched by an infected person when touched by a healthy individual can transmit the virus through his or her hands and fingers. But in this hot season, we do need fans and what about lights? We switch on and off them several times a day, hence touching switches and surfaces many times. 

But what if you could switch on a fan or light in your room, without touching the switch? In this hour of crisis, an innovation by students of Asansol Engineering College has done wonders. They have named the touchless switching system as ‘Non-Contact’ switching system. The team leader was Kamran Hassan, who is in his 1st year of Computer Engineering. Their professor Soumen Sen also helped the students in their endeavour. This technology helps anyone to go near the switch, place his hand infront of the switch from a distance and the switch will automatically be on or off. 

This non-contact switching system works on ultra-sonic sensor system and any normal switch board can also work on this system. It requires only Rs 360. The college rooms and the principal’s room are already operating on this system. This technology can be easily used in schools, colleges and banks or offices. 

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