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Let Origami Go Viral

16 June, 2020 06:32:37

Suman Saha has completed his BFA from The Indian College of Arts and Draftmanship in 2018. At present, he is working as a graphic artist for an advertising agency and has a small team of his own working as Durga Puja theme artists.



#Goviraltostopthevirus is an interesting initiative to distract minds from the ongoing negativities and focus on the better side of it. 

The pandemic has affected all of us in some ways or the other. Children have been majorly affected as they are not allowed to step out the house or cannot go out to play. Online classes and trainings are the add-ons.
Suman Saha along with his friend, Sayanee Mandal has created a motion poster for the drive to spread the necessity of paper craft and origami as means of recreations for the children.

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  • #Goviraltostopthevirus poster challenge

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