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‘Lion’ poll graffiti gives sleepless nights to Forward Bloc

5 April, 2019 01:47:48
‘Lion’ poll graffiti gives sleepless nights to Forward Bloc

Drawing an open-mouthed lion with flowing mane has proved to be a tough job this poll season. Not even experienced artists are ready to draw this graffiti, that happen to be the symbol of Forward Bloc. No wonder party leaders are spending sleepless nights. Every attempt makes the lions look leaner. Young workers refrain from taking up the brush and paint in fear of drawing lions. As a result, many wallboards have often featured the names of candidates of Forward Bloc with no symbols.

The editorial report presented during the conference of Forward Bloc in the Purulia district conference in 2015, said that the party had lost 2014 Lok Sabha elections because the workers could not draw lions - the symbols of the party. Therefore, the state office of Forward Bloc has come up with a solution --- that of making a mold of a lion graffiti. The leaders and workers of Forward Bloc are now drawing the symbols on walls with help of these molds. The Purulia District Committee of Forward Bloc had also brought in artists to teach the workers to draw a proper image of lions - which is a symbolic representation of the political party.

The lion molds are thus the only reliable weapon for Forward Bloc this year. Will the King of the Jungle help the Forward Bloc candidates win elections? Only time will prove.

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