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Make 19-Word stories go viral

18 May, 2020 06:37:58
Make 19-Word stories go viral

Eszter Láncos is a creative writer and an independent scholar. She has completed her M.A. in English. Besides being a writer and a research scholar, She is an International Scholarship Coordinator at Hungarian University of Fine Arts


#Goviraltostopthevirus has been successfully going on for the past few weeks to spread positivity among the people.

2019 and 2020 seem like two different centuries. The global pandemic has shown how frail we are and helpless too. Eszter Láncos has penned down her thoughts in a two-liner bringing out an unsuccessful love story. On the other hand, the frightening shape of the virus is replaced with the quotation marks which have been imagined and used in a perfect way.

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  • #Goviraltostopthevirus poster challenge

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