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Make art go viral

6 June, 2020 07:54:36
Make art go viral

Pritam Bhattacharya is a freelance artist from Krishnanagar, West Bengal. He has been into this field for more than ttwo decades. He is a member of Krishnanagar Charukala Society. A trained ceramic artist and a sculptor. Bhattacharya was a root collector and associated with ‘Katum Kutum’ art.

The #Goviraltostopthevirus project is a drive to engage people to think in a productive way.

Pritam Bhattacharya has represented the shape in the form of a key and a keyhole along with a worm and human hands. The approach is quite simple and artistic bringing out the positivity of the virus’ unnerving shape. Let us be safe and spread art. 

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  • #Goviraltostopthevirus poster challenge

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