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Make child art go viral

28 May, 2020 05:45:15
Make child art go viral

Ishani Chaudhuri is a student of class IX, Indus Valley School, Kolkata. Ishani has shown her interest in drawing, sketching and painting right from a very young age. Apart from her academics, she loves to take part in other co-curricular activities like singing and dancing.

The Covid-19 outburst has not only affected the mass worldwide and children and young adults are no exceptions. A sudden break in their daily lifestyles, not being able to go to school or play yet get online tasks and attend online classes are taking a toll on their entire working cycle. #Goviraltostopthevirus drive is helping all to concentrate on better aspects staying at home.

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Ishani has sketched an owl and represented the shape of virus with its eyes. This brings out the the creativity in her giving the shape of virus a positive feel.

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