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Meet the Bengal boy on Trans-Himalayan cycle

22 May, 2018 00:47:03
Meet the Bengal boy on Trans-Himalayan cycle

If you talk about mode of transport in the 21st century (an era that faces severe damages to the world’s environment resulting in unwarranted and sudden volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, flood, global warming etc), the one that scores above the rest, is a cycle. This is probably the only mode of transport that creates no pollution and do not add burden to the already burdened Mother Earth, reeling under various forms of pollution, threatening human existence. No wonder, that’s why from a Harvard or Oxford professor to the prime minister of Canada, we find everyone using a cycle. And so is Jyotishko, the boy from Baharampur, Murshidabad, who has taken up the difficult job of spreading environmental awareness across the nation, on a cycle.

In association with Visuals & Impressions, Kolkata, he is attempting to create mass awareness for the people of India, to achieve the global milestone of saving the environment. To accomplish this mission, Jyotishko will travel north, north-east and north-west India and the Trans-Himalayan regionon a bicycle. On his way, he will try to spread awareness about the environment among locals, bridge the gap between locals and outsiders, teach them how to preserve the environment, how to carry out waste disposal etc. He also has taken a pledge to plant as many saplings as possible or distribute plant seeds indifferent places.

Jyotishko Biswas’ love for the Himalayas started quite early. His father had a transferable job and so he moved to Arunachal Pradesh and then Coochbehar, both hill towns. His mother was fond of nature and taught him to plant trees. He was also a good sportsman and played cricket. But his life changed after he met Chandan Biswas, a cyclist who visited Ladakh on a bicycle. During his graduation study in Barrackpore Rastraguru Surendranath College in Mass Communication and Journalism in 2017, he decided to start his first adventure on a bicycle from Kolkata to Arunachal Pradesh, which he achieved in only 19 days. During this trip he first realized how humans are polluting the Himalayas by shamelessly throwing plastics, waste food, garbage etc. He knew he had to create awareness to make this Earth a better place to live for generations to come. And now he is again off on a mission on his Trans-Himalayan cycle ride!

He started his journey yesterday. Madhuchhanda Sen of Maya Art Space, Dhananjoy Chakraborty and members of Kolkata Cycle Samaj were present to flag off the event.

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