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Not Cinderella’s carriage, Kolkata has its own old-world horse carriages!

8 September, 2019 05:21:23

Kolkata often throws up timeless experiences where one feels the past has stood still. Just like it does, if you tour around the grand Victoria Memorial in the heart of the city, thanks to the band of horse carriages that still retain the old-world charm of the British Raj! Mind you, these are not Ruskin Bond’s simple tonga but well-designed, exquisitely decorated horse carriages, some of which are even air-conditioned! Sitting on that seat with a pair of horses right infront of you, you get plunged into that royal aura --- of what we dearly call the Kolkata charm!

While close to a decade ago, the number of horse carriages around Victoria were a lot more as of today, close to 15 horse carriages can be found even now. From cheerful young horse-men to seasoned experienced hands, the men with the Reins will share their excitement along with their trotting horses. Many of these carriage owners and drivers have been holding on to the professions of their forefathers for decades. 

One of the owners D.Sen & Co. has even transformed a traditional Ghora-Gari into a sophisticated ride by adding a full-fledged air conditioner (AC) in the carriage along with thick transparent curtains, giving it a feel of bygone era. This carriage has been operating since June 2016, and it has already become a huge success.

If you wish to take such a ride around Victoria Memorial, watching the lush Maidan on a rain-soaked afternoon then be there, and just enjoy the old-Kolkata charm. 

Usual Price:
Round near Fort William: Rs 500
Round near Princep Ghat: Rs 1,500
Small round: Rs 300

A.C Horse Carriage
1 round with A.C- Rs.1200
1 round without A.C – Rs.500
For booking:
1hr ride with A.C- Rs.6000
Full night – Rs.10000-15000

(Prices change on weekends and on special days and of course on bargaining)

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